The trip after 10 years of friendship.

We were set to go on vacation looking for careless moments in a paradise-like Greece. What we didn't expect though is that it was going to be one of the deepest trips of our lives and our friendship. Before we started the journey, we already had the idea to call this magazine Kairos, an ancient Greek word meaning 'opportunity', 'season' or 'right quality-time.' We believed that this concept greatly reflected the magical and Stendhal moments that everyone experiences while on holidays, but what we didn't know was that we would also catch the Kairos of our friendship. Sometimes unexpected or challenging, but nevertheless worthwhile. After 10 years of being close friends, more than 3 living together in the same flat, sharing friends, interests, work, studio, we definitely didn't expect that this trip would become one of the hardest times we ever had. It turned out to be a healthy revision of the inertia. If this happens to you at some point of your life, enjoy the journey.

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