Language of Strangers

Language of Strangers is a visual interpretation of the emotions evoked when two people speak different mother tongues. The short film candidly combines the complexity of fustrations that arise from the language barrier within a relationship with the simplicity of the raw human attraction that they feel for one another. 

Directed by Mireia Farran
Starring:Blanca Vallebo+ Benjamin Frayce
Dop Anna Pla-Narbona
Produced by Mireia Farran
Costume designer Nestor Reina
Hair and makeup Cristina Casanovas & Sandra Tosca
Art direction Pilar Fernández
Art Assist: Mabel del Rio
Edit Mireia Farran
Color Grade Anna Pla-Narbona & Mireia Farran
Sound postproduction Ch Pinewood
female off voice: Aleka Gehrels-Singh
male off voice: Rémi Pradère
Making off: Laia Rafols
Graphic design by Anna Roura

Special thanks:Esdm Danza y multimedia,Oliana house, Lynna Hdl-

Mireia Farran © 2020