Mireia is a passionate photographer from Barcelona. She works on personal and commissioned projects. Most of her shots are portraits, shared moments and scenes of everyday Mediterranean life. For her, photography is just one more excuse to tell stories about human existence and it's thanks to these stories that she helps brands and audiences to become stronger.

Ajuntament de Barcelona, Brownie, CamilaCTG, Clotilde Senillosa, Dolphie, Felix Mediano, Fundació Aroa, Galpao 51, Happy socks Hysteria, Heura, Iaios, Iceberg, Ivori, Juvé&Camps, La Bionda, La Boqueria,Lacoste, La Bionda, Les ecoliers, Nike, Nou Moscada, TCN, TheCreativeNet, The New Society.

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C/ Ciutat de Granada, 68,1erA Barcelona, Spain


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